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Name Year   Thesis Advisor    
Adler, John 2010 Assessing Supraglacial Water Volume and the Changing Dynamics of the Surface Topography Near the Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland Steffen
Anderson-Tarver, Christopher 2015 Crisis Mapping the 2010 Earthquake in OpenStreetMap Haiti Buttenfield
Arcand, Naomi 2013 Demography and Genetic Diversity of the Endemic Tree Fern Cibotium chamissoi on O’ahu Island, Hawai’i: A Multi-Method Analysis of Population Dynamics, with Implications For Conservation Beatty
Clarke-Sather, Afton 2012 From The Heavens to the Markets: Development, Nation, and the Mediation of Water in Northwest China Oakes
Cowie, Rory 2014 Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions in Natural and Mining Impacted Mountain Catchments Williams
Cumming, William 2013 Fine scale climatic and soil variability effects on plant species cover along the front range of Colorado, USA Beatty
Ga, er rang 2012 Alternative Development on the Tibetan Plateau: The Case of the Slaughter Renunciation Movement Yeh
Gartner, Meredith 2015 The occurrence, severity and interaction of mountain pine beetle and wildfire in the Colorado Front Range Veblen
Hamerlinck, Jeff 2011 Planning Support Technology Implementation by Local Governments in the U.S. Mountain West Buttenfield
Hart, Sarah 2014 Climate variability and the susceptibility of Engelmann spruce to spruce beetle outbreak in northwestern Colorado Veblen
Hickcox, Abby 2012 Open Space? Environmentalism and the Politics of Belonging in Boulder, Colorado Yeh
Holland, Edward 2012 Buddhism in Post-Soviet Russia: The Geographic Contexts of 'Revival' O'Loughlin
Holmberg, Molly 2010 Mapping climate change: Six U.S. case studies Foote
Holz, C. Andrés 2009 Climatic and Human Influences on Fire Regimes and Forest Dynamics in Temperate Rain Forests in Southern Chile Veblen
Hong, Jung Eun 2012 Web-Based GIS for Middle School Teachers: Using Online Mapping Applications to Promote Teacher Adoption Foote
Humphrey, Jamie 2015 Neighborhood Effects on Behavioral and Educational Trajectories of U.S. Children and Adolescents Root
Jones, Bryan 2012 A Model for Producing Large-Scale Spatially Explicit Future Population Scenarios Riosmena
Klingberg, Travis 2014 Exploring place: how independent tourism is changing the politics of geographic knowledge in China Oakes
Knowles, John 2015 Spacio-temporal patterns of soil respiration and the age of respired carbon from high-elevataion alpine tundra. Blanken
Koch, Natalie 2012 The City and the Steppe: Territory, Technologies of Government, and Kazakhstan's New Capital O'Loughlin
Levy, Adam 2012 Territory and Sovereignty in a Borderland: The Case of Moldova O'Loughlin
Linke, Andrew 2013 Post-Election Violence in Kenya: Place-Based Explanations of Conflict O'Loughlin
Maclaurin, Galen 2015 Reverse engineering the National Land Cover Database: a machine learning algorithm for extending land cover data in the spatial and temporal domains. Leyk
Malmberg, Julie 2014 Social, Demographic and Environmental Influences on Perceptions and Memories of Weather, Climate and Climate Change Blanken
McGrath, Daniel 2013 Basal crevasses and suture zones in the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica: Implications for ice shelf stability in a warming climate Steffen
Moussavi, Mahsa 2015 Quantifying supraglacial lake volumes on the Greenland ice sheet from spaceborne optical sensors Abdalati
Mueller, Erich 2012 Landscape Controls on Sediment Supply and Stream Channel Morpho-Dynamics in the Northern Rocky Mountains Pitlick
Muto, Atsuhiro 2010 Multi-Decadal Surface Temperature Trends in East Antarctica Inferred from Borehold Firn Temperature Measurements and Geophysical Inverse Methods Steffen
Palmer, Joni 2012 The Politics of 'the Public': Public Art, Urban Regeneration and the Postindustrial City - the Case of Downtown Denver Oakes
Partisis, Juan 2009 Insect Defoliator Outbreaks and Environmental Heterogeneity in Nothofagus Forests in the Patagonian Andes Veblen
Phillips, Thomas 2010 The impact of advancing surface melt on the ice temperature of the Sermeq Avannarleq Glacier - a model approach Steffen
Pullen, Nancy Hoalst 2008 Soil properties and hydrologic processes in tropical forest dynamics plots of Panama, Ecuador and Malaysia Beatty
Racoviteanu, Adina 2011 Himalayan Glaciers: Combining remote sensing, field techniques and indigenous knowledge to understand spatio-temporal patterns of glacier changes and their impact on water resources Williams
Riggins, Susan 2010 The production and evolution of mobile regolith: Modeled soil production and measured chemical weathering Anderson
Roberts, Tyler 2014 Panel Data Analysis in the Demographic and Spatial Econometric Estimation of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Sources Foote
Rother , Monica 2015 Conifer regeneration after wildfire in low-elevation forests of the Colorado Front Range: Implications of a warmer, drier climate Veblen
Simon, Claire 2011 Disjunctures and Contradictions: the Role of Measurement in Poverty Representation, Policy, and Development Practice Oakes
Sitko, Nick 2010 The fractured politics of food security: maize, power, and hunger on a Zambian frontier Dunn
Skog, Lindsay 2015 The Beyul Campaign: Spatial articulations of territory and religion in Khumbu, Nepal Yeh
Smith, Jeremy 2012 An Examination of Background Tree Mortality and Mountain Pine Beetle Disturbance in Subalpine Forests of the Front Range of Colorado, USA Veblen
Stewart, Michelle 2013 The Rise and Governance of 'Himalayan Gold': Transformations in the Caterpillar Fungus Commons of Tibetan Yunnan, China Yeh
Viger, Roland 2011 Comparison of Explicit and Implicit Keywords to Characterize Geographic Information Systems Procedures Buttenfield