University of Colorado at Boulder

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Thursday April 07, 2011. 02:00 pm. Wolf Law 205

Israeli Pinkwashing, Left Ambivalence, & Queer Critique

Jasbir Puar

Rutgers University, Women's and Gender Studies and Geography

Dr. Puar's talk will focus on the Brand Israel marketing campaign, through which the Israeli state has been courting queer populations in North America and Europe. It will examine how such efforts tap into long-standing historical ambivalences in "left" politics in the U.S. Puar will also discuss the impact of various campaigns to resist the Brand Israel campaign on the part of queer organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Presented by The Women and Gender Studies Speaker Series. Co-sponsored by: Department of Ethnic Studies, Program in Jewish Studies, GLBT Resource Center, Department of Anthropology, Department of Geography, Department of English and with the generous support of a GCAH grant from the Center for Humanities and the Arts.