University of Colorado at Boulder

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Thursday September 15, 2011. 06:00 pm. BioLounge, CU Museum of Natural History Museum

CU Museum of Natural History exhibit Burning Issues: The Fourmile Canyon Fire

Tom Veblen

Professor of Geography, CU-Boulder

6:00pm Opening Reception for the Burning Issues exhibit.

7:00pm Presentation by Professor Tom Veblen, "Fire in the Mountains: Understanding Fire History and Fire Dynamics in Colorado"

One year ago an errant spark ignited the most destructive and expensive fire in Colorado history. Visit this exhibition to learn what happened, the ecological importance of fires and how environmental and human factors affect fire activity. Photography, scarred trees and video interviews tell the story and illustrate how scientists reconstruct fire history.

Exhibit on display 9/6/11 through 1/26/12, BioLounge, CU Museum of Natural History