University of Colorado at Boulder

Colloquia Event

Friday November 09, 2012. 03:30 pm. GUGG 205

An Introduction to SpatialSTEM: Understanding, communicating and teaching spatial reasoning, map analysis and modeling fundamentals

Joseph K. Berry

Adjunct Faculty in Geosciences, University of Denver; Adjunct Faculty in Natural Resources, Colorado State University; Principle, Berry & Associates // Spatial Information Systems

Abstract: The U.S. Department of Labor identifies Geotechnology as one of “three mega-technologies for the 21stCentury” (Bio- and Nano- are the other two) and it has radically changed how we conceptualize, analyze and utilize spatial information from our traditional paper map paradigm. The presentation thesis is that there is a comprehensive mathematical framework for understanding, communicating and teaching map analysis that provides a common conceptual foothold resonating with both GIS and non-GIS communities— “maps are numbers first, pictures later” and we do mathematical things to mapped data for insight and better understanding of spatial patterns and relationships within decision-making contexts. Online Pre-seminar Reference: Making a Case for SpatialSTEM posted at (

Geography colloquium series was made possible by the generous support from The Beirne Carter Foundation.