University of Colorado at Boulder

Colloquia Event

Friday March 21, 2014. 03:29 pm. GUGG 205


Kaitlin Fertaly

Ph.D. Student of Geography , CU-Boulder

Lauren Gifford

Ph.D. Student of Geography , CU-Boulder

Come hear ideas, stories, events, and experiences that don't make it into the final academic cut. Presenters will discuss outtakes from field work, notes and thoughts jotted down in the interstices of our more "serious" work, stories concocted, or theories developed.

Presenters: Dr. Barbara "Babs" Buttenfield, Austin Cowley, Chris Jochem, Yang Yang, Maggie Burns & Ashley Rumble, Eric Reiff, Adam Williams, Meagan Todd

Co-ordinated by Kaitlin Fertaly and Lauren Gifford.