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Holly R. Barnard

Ecohydrology; Stable Isotope Geochemistry; Forest Hydrology; Tree Physiology

Assistant Professor of Geography 

Physical Geography
Fellow of INSTAAR
Faculty of Hydrologic Sciences
303-735-7062 INSTAAR RL-1, room 151  
Ph.D. Oregon State University, 2009

Research Interests

My research is focused on investigating how vegetation processes affect water flow dynamics and pathways in soil and streams, and conversely, how water flow paths affect vegetation function in mountainous terrain. The ultimate goal is to improve our knowledge of how changes in land-use and/or climate will affect water resources and ecosystems. This interdisciplinary research uses state-of-the-art techniques to reveal patterns and processes at scales ranging from the leaf to the watershed. Some current topics include: evapo-transpiration partitioning using stable isotopes; impact of bark beetle outbreaks on forest water yield in southern Wyoming; and examining the influence of micro-climate on tree function using stable isotope analysis of tree rings

Selected Publications

Barnard, H.R., C.B. Graham, W.J. Van Verseveld, J.R. Brooks, B.J. Bond, and J.J. McDonnell. (2010). Mechanistic assessment of hillslope transpiration controls of diel sub-surface flow: a steady-state irrigation approach. Ecohydrology 3: 133–142 . doi:10.1002/eco.114

Brooks, J.R., H. Barnard, R. Coulombe, and J. McDonnell. (2010). Ecohydrologic separation of water between trees and streams in a Mediterranean climate. Nature Geoscience. doi:10.1038/NGEO722

Graham, C.B., H.R. Barnard, W.J. Van Verseveld, and J.J. McDonnell. (2010). Closing the Water Balance: a hillslope scale sprinkling experiment. Hydrological Processes . doi:10.1002/hyp.7788

Pypker, T.G., H.R. Barnard, M. Hauck, E.W. Sulzman, M.H. Unsworth, A.C. Mix, A. Kennedy, and B.J. Bond. (2009). Can carbon isotopes be used to predict watershed scale transpiration? . Water Resources Research 45, W00D35. doi:10.1029/2008WR007050

Pypker, T.G., M. Hauck, E.W. Sulzman, M.H. Unsworth, A.C. Mix, Z. Kayler, D. Conklin, A. Kennedy, H.R. Barnard and B.J. Bond. (2008). Toward using δ13C of ecosystem respiration to monitor canopy physiology in complex terrain. Oecologia, 158, 399-410.

Publications updated February 2011

Recent Courses Include

Spring 2014  GEOG 5100-002 (3) Special Topics: Writing and Presenting in Physical Science

Graduate Students

forest ecology; ecohydrology
carbon cycling; soils; hydrology
Biogeography; forest changes; sustainable land management

What's New

The Barnard Ecohydrology lab is growing! We are always looking for well-qualified, enthusiastic students to join our group. Undergraduates interested in research experience or potential senior projects should contact Dr. Barnard.

Potential graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Barnard in advance of applying to the department to discuss research project and funding opportunities.

"What's New" updated February 2011