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Emeritus Faculty

Roger Barry

Arctic Climate; Cryosphere-Climate Interactions; Mountain Climate; Climate Change

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geography 

Physical Geography
Fellow of CIRES

Ph.D. University of Southampton, UK, 1965

Research Interests

  • Working on IPY data management efforts
  • Studying changes in freeze/thaw cycle, permafrost dynamics, and hydrology in the Russian Arctic
  • Researching twentieth century sea ice in Eurasian Arctic from Russian and modern data sources
  • Writing a book on "The Cryosphere: Past, present and future" for Cambridge University Press supported by a Humboldt Fellowship Award at the Kommission fur Glaziologie, Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Munich (May-Oct 2009,Aug-Oct 2010 and Aug-Oct 2011).

Selected Publications

Barry, R.G., and Chorley, R.J. (2010). Atmosphere, Weather and Climate. 9th edition, Routledge, London. 516 pp.

Barry, R.G. (2008). Mountain Weather and Climate. 3rd edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 506 pp .

Mahoney,A.R., Barry, R.G., Smolyanitsky, V. and Fetterer, F. (2008). Observed sea ice extent in the Russian Arctic, 1933-2006. J. Geophys. Res. (Oceans)113: C11005, 11 pp. doi:10.1029/2008JC004830

Barry, R.G. (2006). The status of research on glaciers and global glacier recession: A Review. Progr. in Phys. Geogr. 30(3): 285-306.

Serreze, M.C., and Barry, R.G. (2005). The Arctic Climate System. Cambridge University Press, 385 pp.

Publications updated February 2010

Recent Courses Include

Graduate Students

M.A. Alumni
Glacier and Climate Fluctuations in South-Central Alaska as Observed through the PTAA Model
Raudzens Bailey
M.A. Alumni
Attribution of Wintertime Inversion Frequencies to Synoptic Circulation in the U.S. Southwest

What's New

Roger stepped down as Director of NSIDC in April 2008. He went to half time in January 2009 (through Dec 2010). The World Data Center library was named the Roger G. Barry Resource Office for Cryospheric Studies (ROCS). Roger was awarded a Humboldt Fellowship for Geophysics for 2009-10 and will spend mid-May - early November at the Glaciology Commission of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich, Germany. He took an Upper Division German language class in the Fall and is currently taking "Germany in an integrating Europe."

"What's New" updated February 2009