University of Colorado at Boulder

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Graduate Student Alumni

William (Preston) Cumming

Vegetation Dynamics, Invasive Species, Biogeography, and Soils

Ph.D. Geography 2013

Physical Geography
Susan Beatty (Faculty Advisor)


2013 - Fine scale climatic and soil variability and its effect on plant species establishment and abundance along the Front Range of Colorado, USA

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the vegetation dynamics of post fire sites along the ecotone of the Front Range of Colorado, USA. I want to see how the natural variations of both biotic and abiotic conditions without disturbance vary with the addition of a low severity fire. The heterogeneous environment created by these disturbances may impact which species can actually recolonize a site as well as the speed in which they may do so. With the potential detrimental affects of climate change on the horizon, it may be these species that are most opportunistic in their arrival to these new sites. I am also very active in my teaching. I currently am an adjunct instructor for The University of Colorado at Denver's Succeed Program teaching three courses in World Regional Geography, Introductory Geology, and Introductory Environmental Science.

Recent courses taught