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Graduate Students

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Name Degree     Specialties Advisor
Amante, Christopher Ph.D. Sea ice; glacier melt; climate change Abdalati
Andrus, Robert Ph.D. biogeography; dendrochronology; disturbance ecology; forest ecology Veblen
Barnhart, Theodore Ph.D. terrestrial hydrology Molotch
Birch, Andrew Ph.D. Tropical Hydrology and Biogeochemistry in Panama Canal Watershed Barnard
Bobeck, Jessica M.A. Remote sensing; cryosphere; geophysics Abdalati
Bredemeyer, William Ph.D. spatial analysis, human environment Spielman
Burns, Sean Ph.D. Subalpine Forest Carbon and Water Cycling Blanken
Bush, Sidney M.A. Hydrology; ecohydrology; geochemical transport processes Barnard
Buzzard, Brendan Ph.D. Natural resources, conservation, identity and place Goldman
Cavitt, Jonathon Ph.D. Climatology, Arctic climate, Sea ice dynamics, Sea level affect of climate change on weather pattern Serreze
Chai, Rachel M.A. Biogeography and entomology Veblen
Chapman, Teresa Ph.D. Biogeography Veblen
Charisoulis, Georgios Ph.D. GIS, Environmenal Law & Energy/Sustainability Buttenfield
Clifford, Katherine Ph.D. American West; decision making and uncertainty; climate change; land and water resources Travis
Correia, Joel Ph.D. Indigenous rights, development, legal geographies, political ecology, Latin America Bryan
Counter, Max Ph.D. IDPs; refugees; Colombia Bryan
Crawford, Alexander Ph.D. climate change; polar research; snow and ice Serreze
Crepinsek, Sara M.A. Climatology; Arctic Meteorology Serreze
Cunningham, Angela Ph.D. landscape and historiography Travis
Curtis, John M.A. Biometerology, Land-Atmosphere Interactions Blanken
Dadashi, Sepideh Ph.D. GIS, remote sensing Balch
Davies, Becky M.A. Spatial statistics, computing, demography, land use Spielman
DeBoom, Meredith Ph.D. political geography, natural resources O'Loughlin
DiCarlo, Jessica Ph.D. Development, political ecology, feminist political geography, China and the Himalaya Yeh
Duojie, Zhaxi Ph.D. Historical land use, community development & poverty, Tibetan plateau Yeh
Eddy, Alex Ph.D. Geomorphology; hydrology Anderson
Fertaly, Kaitlin Ph.D. post-socialism; food; gender; Armenia; environmentalism Fluri
Frydenlund, Shae Ph.D. political ecology; nature-society in Tibet/Nepal Yeh
Ghandehari, Mehran Ph.D. GIScience Buttenfield
Gifford, Lauren Ph.D. global climate policy, justice, land use, Latin America Bryan
Gladfelter, Sierra M.A. Conservation and development Yeh
Grant, Glenn Ph.D. Remote sensing, Polar climate Serreze
Green, Susan M.A. immigration; population; health Riosmena
Grigsby, Shane Ph.D. Ice sheets & glaciers, climate change, remote sensing, machine learning Abdalati
Guarino, Julia Ph.D. Legal geography; political ecology Bryan
Hale, Katherine M.A. Snow hydrology, Arctic and Mountain Environments Molotch
Hardin, Andrew M.A. remote sensing; GIS; programming Spielman
Harkavy, Melissa M.A. climate change adaptation; natural resources; utilization; gender Goldman
Helmberger, Meghan Ph.D. Arctic Climate, GIS, Climate/Human Connection Serreze
Hill, Alice Ph.D. snow and ice; water resources and repurcussions in a changing climate Williams
Hindawi, Abdulsalam M.A. Population, migration, conflict resolution, Syrian refugee crisis Fluri
Jarvis, Stephanie Ph.D. Hydrology, Ecohydrology, geology Barnard
Jennings, Keith Ph.D. Snow and floods in mountain environments Molotch
Kelly, Julia Ph.D. Biogeography, Conservation Biology, Forest Ecology, Avian Diversity Veblen
Klein, Trevor Ph.D. Hydrology, Biogeochemistry Anderson
Krumminga, Sara M.A. Political geography, the Holocaust & WWII, nationalism Jan
Lang, Gretchen Ph.D. Geographies of food and migration Fluri
Lewis, Nicholas M.A. Remote Sensing, Arctic Environment Serreze
Longenecker, H.E. Ph.D. Climatology; Climate Change; Hazard/Risk Vulnerability Travis
Lovell, Eric Ph.D. Political Ecology; (Non)Human Mobilities; GIScience; Critical Conservation Studies Goldman
MacFerrin, Michael Ph.D. Cryosphere-sea, earth, ice interactions; remote sensing; GIS Abdalati
Mahood, Adam M.A. Plant ecology; remote sensing Balch
Malone, Aaron Ph.D. migration; development; Latin America Riosmena
Marini, Daniela Ph.D. Political Agroecology: Social Movements and Food Sovereignty in Argentina Bryan
Mason, Kevin M.A. Population, immigration, development, Latin America Riosmena
Menon, Siddharth M.A. South Asia, Indigenous knowledge of building, Architecture Goldman
Mills, Taylor Ph.D. Small-scale hydrologic systems; water chemistry Anderson
Morrissey, Martha M.A. GIS, Spatial Data Science Farmer
Murton, Galen Ph.D. Development; Political Geography; Cultural Geography; Tibet and Himalaya Region Yeh
Naderi, Faran M.A. Cultural Identity and Ethnosymbolism O'Loughlin
Naficy, Cameron Ph.D. Disturbance ecology; tree ecophysiology; climate variability; restoration; remote sensing Veblen
Norlund, Petra Ph.D. Geographic Information Science Leyk
Reiff, Eric Ph.D. Urban backyard farming as a subversive performance, Social Construction of Nature, STS, Pol Ecology Goldman
Rodd, Joshua Ph.D. Political violence and conflict; infectious disease Root
Rodman, Kyle Ph.D. Biogeography, climate spatial analysis; forest ecology Veblen
Ryan, Caitlin Ph.D. Post-conflict urban development, humanitarian aid, post-socialism Fluri
Schneider, Dominik Ph.D. mountain and snow hydrology, interaction between vegetation and snowmelt runoff, water resources Molotch
Schreiber, Erika Ph.D. Climatology; Cryosphere Serreze
Selander, Brittany Ph.D. Fluvial geomorphology Pitlick
Shrestha, Rupak Ph.D. Development Geography; Political Geography; Nepal Fluri
Smith, Samuel Ph.D. Historic/Urban Geog-links between historic mining settlements & current tourist areas Foote
Snow, Tasha Ph.D. Cryosphere remote sensing; glaciology Abdalati
Stum, Alexander Ph.D. spatial predictive model, GIS Leyk
Subia Smith, Gabriella M.A. Political Geography, Land rights in Columbia Bryan
Todd, Meagan Ph.D. Political & cultural geography in post-Soviet space O'Loughlin
Tuccillo, Joseph Ph.D. Urban Geography, Spatial Demography, Hazards/Vulnerability, Geocomputation Spielman
Tynen, Sarah Ph.D. Economic development and cultural practice O'Loughlin
Uhl, Johannes Ph.D. GIS, spatio-temporal modelling, machine learning Leyk
Volkmar, Emily M.A. Conservation and development in Tibet Yeh
Wang, Xi Ph.D. Energy transitions; electricity systems; China; electricity planning Yeh
Weber, Kristy M.A. Climate change, carbon flux, micrometeorology and instrumentation Blanken
Wharton, Elizabeth Ph.D. China's development role in the Horn of Africa Yeh
Williams, Travis M.A. Human and Environmental Relationships Travis
Wilson, Alana Ph.D. climate change, water resources and the cryosphere Williams
Wright, Kathryn Ph.D. Migration, international development, Senegal, United States Riosmena
Yang, Yang Ph.D. ethnic geography; China, critical tourism studies Oakes
Zhang, Qinghuan Ph.D. hydrology and water resources Williams
Zoraghein, Hamidreza Ph.D. GIScience; spatial statistics; small area estimation Leyk