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Center for Asian Studies

The Center for Asian Studies (CAS) is an interdisciplinary organization located on the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado that brings together faculty, students, and community members to encourage and support Asian scholarship across disciplinary and college boundaries. CAS has recently been designated by the U.S. Department of Education as one of only three National Resource Centers for Asian Studies nationwide, a credit to the strength of CU’s Asian language and area studies programs. CAS organizes events, supports research and teaching, and acts as a key resource for students and scholars with an interest in Asian Studies. The Center’s area of focus encompasses all of Asia, from China and Japan to the countries of the Middle East.

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Geography faculty associated with the Center for Asian Studies

Cultural Politics;  Economic and Social Change; China
Nature/society geography; political ecology; cultural politics; development; Tibet; China

Geography grad students associated with the Center for Asian Studies

Some of the labs & facilities at the Center for Asian Studies associated with Geography members