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Above Ward, Colorado. Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.

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The Mountain Research Station (MRS), directed by Bill Bowman, is an interdisciplinary research facility of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, devoted to advancement of study of mountain ecosystems. Our mission is to facilitate research and education to better understand the unique patterns and processes of biotic and physical systems in mountains, and how environmental changes may influence these patterns and processes.

The support facilities of the MRS include laboratories, offices, classrooms, cabins, a dining hall, and a bathhouse. Laboratories include the Kiowa wet-chemistry lab, several plant, soil, and chemistry labs within the larger John W. Marr Laboratory Building, and the Tundra Lab located at 3500 m on Niwot Ridge. The MRS also manages the 1200 ha Niwot Ridge Biosphere Reserve for the US Forest Service as a site for research and education.

The MRS supports many research programs including the Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Site. The NWT-LTER study area straddles the Continental Divide about 35 miles northwest of Boulder.

The MRS receives academic contributions from the Boulder campus departments of Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology; Geography; and Geological Sciences.

Geography participants in the CU-MRS

Peter Blanken
Mark Williams
Suzanne Anderson