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Meridian Lab

Guggenheim, room 301b.

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The Meridian Lab is directed by Professor Barbara P. Buttenfield and pursues research to develop and evaluate new software tools for Geographic Information Science. These software tools support visualization and modeling in geographic analysis and cartography. Research projects include a variety of topics: designing algorithms to generalize base map data, creating self-organizing data catalogs, building multi-scale databases, interviewing rural Colorado planners about obstacles to adopting geospatial technologies, and working out the mechanics of item-level metadata.

Software tools are developed and evaluated for:

  • Interface design and usability evaluation
    • Transaction logging, focus groups and surveys of Web-based GIS systems
    • Subject testing of graphical displays
  • Multiple representations
    • Map generalization and multi-scale views on spatial databases
    • Animation and multimedia presentation of geospatial data
  • Metadata recording and browsing
    • Automatic georeferencing of metadata from existing catalog records
    • Establishing needs and requirements for geospatial metadata archives
  • GIS modeling
    • Determining sensitivity of GIS model outputs to data resolution
    • Distributing GIS processes and operators

Currently, the Lab supports research by six graduate students, assisted by one undergraduate student.

Geography participants in the Meridian Lab

Christopher Anderson-Tarver
Grad student
Mike Gleason
Grad student
Jeremy Smith
Grad student
Roland Viger
Grad student
Jochen Wendel
Grad student
Angela Cunningham
Grad student
Mehran Ghandehari
Grad student
Galen Maclaurin
Grad student
Petra Norlund
Grad student
Alexander Stum
Grad student
Joseph Tuccillo
Grad student
Hamidreza Zoraghein
Grad student