University of Colorado at Boulder


Labs & Facilities

The research of our faculty and students is supported by facilities in Guggenheim and in our partnering units, on the CU Boulder Campus in the Front Range area. Here are some examples:

Biogeography Lab

Biogeography Lab. Guggenheim.

The Biogeography Lab of the Geography Department is directed by Professor Thomas T. Veblen and supports research in the areas of forest dynamics, disturbance ecology and dendroecology.

CU Mountain Research Station

CU-MRS. Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, Above Ward, Colorado.

The Mountain Research Station (MRS), directed by Bill Bowman, is an interdisciplinary research facility of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, devoted to advancement...

Dissolved Organic Matter Laboratory

DOM Lab. Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, East Campus, RL-1.

This laboratory is managed by Mark Williams and Diane McKnight. It specializes in measuring the amount and character of dissolved organic matter from diverse ecosystems.

KESDA Ken Erickson Spatial Data Analysis Lab

KESDA Lab. Guggenheim Rm 6.

KESDA Lab is an instructional computer lab with advanced software and hardware used to teach technique (skills) courses in geography.

Kiowa Environmental Chemistry Laboratory

Kiowa Lab. Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, East Campus, RL-1.

The Kiowa Environmental Chemistry Laboratory is the environmental chemistry laboratory for the Niwot Ridge / Green Lakes Valley Long-Term Ecological Research Program. The laboratory analyzes air,...

Meridian Lab

Meridian Lab. Guggenheim, room 301b.

The Meridian Lab is directed by Professor Barbara P. Buttenfield and pursues research to develop and evaluate new software tools for Geographic Information Science. These software tools support...