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Required Courses

Seven (7) Courses Required for All Geography Majors

1. & 2. Both of the following: (Physical Geography)

GEOG 1001 (4)  Environmental Systems I: Climate and Vegetation         
GEOG 1011 (4)  Environmental Systems II: Landscapes and Water           

3. One of the following:  (Lower Division Human Geography)

GEOG 1962 (3) Geographies of Global Change (formerly GEOG 2002)
GEOG 1972 (3) Environment-Society Geographies (formerly GEOG 2412)
GEOG 1982 (3) World Regional Geography
GEOG 1992 (3) Human Geographies

4. One of the following: (Human Geography)

One additional upper OR lower division human geography course (courses ending in 2)

5. One of the following: (Mapping)

GEOG 2053 (4) Mapping a Changing World
GEOG 3053 (4) Cartography 1: Visualization and Information Design  [introductory statistics course recommended (may be taken concurrently)]

6. One of the following: (Skills)

GEOG 4023 (3) Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Human Geography (Prereq: GEOG 3023)
GEOG 4043 (4) Cartography 2: Interactive and Multimedia Mapping (Prereq: GEOG 3053)
GEOG 4083 (4) Mapping from Remotely Sensed Imagery (Prereq: GEOG 3093, 4093 or equivalent)
GEOG 4093 (4) Remote Sensing of the Environment
GEOG 4103 (4) Introduction to Geographic Information Science (Prereq: GEOG 2053, 3053 or equivalent and introductory statistics course)
GEOG 4173 (3) Research Seminar (Restricted to Sr GEOG and ENVS majors)
GEOG 4203 (4) Geographic Information Science: Modeling Applications  (Prereq: GEOG4103)
GEOG 4383 (3) Methods of Vegetation Analysis (Prereq or Coreq: GEOG 4371)
GEOG 4411 (3) Methods of Soil Analysis (Prereq: GEOG 1001 or 1011; Prereq/Coreq GEOG 4401/5401)

7. One of the following*: (Statistics)

GEOG 3023 (4) Statistics for Earth Sciences
ANTH 4000 (3) Quantitative Methods in Anthropology*
BCOR 1020 (3) Business Statistics*
ECON 3818 (4) Introduction to Statistics w/Computer Applications*
MATH 2510 (3) Introduction to Statistics*
PSCI 2075 (3) Quantitative Research Methods*
PSYC 3101 (4) Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology*
SOCY 2061 (3) Introduction to Social Statistics*
SOCY 4061 (3) Social Statistics*

*Courses taken in other departments may be used to satisfy the statistics requirement, but credit earned in these courses are not counted in the 36 hours of Geography.  Only GEOG3023 applies to the 36 hours required in the Geography Department.

NOTE: All courses, schedules, and instructors are subject to change without notice. Courses offered may be changed or limited because of the availability of instructors and/or funds. Please refer to the Course Descriptions in the University Catalog (, the department’s syllabus file and/or course instructor for more details and possible prerequisites for any course listed.